Do you have a bar?

Door Patrick Verheij

You probably have a favourite bar to hang out with your friends or colleagues. If that’s the kind of bar you have, go there and have a blast.

What I am talking about here is the bar you measure yourself against at work. The bar that defines your standards for quality and results. The bar that says something about your character and morale.

Right now I don’t care if your bar is set high or low. I am merely curious if you have a bar at all. Do you have standards? Do you have something to measure yourself against?

And then of course: does the bar move?

If it moves, who moves it? You or someone else? How often does it move? And by the way…does it move up or down?

I am curious, because I find that my bar (yes, I have one) sometimes gets stuck at certain height for a while. And when it does, life suddenly starts letting me down on happiness. It then seems like everything around me is telling me that something is wrong. And it is done in very unpleasant ways.

Whenever I find myself on the brink of complaining, I stop to find my bar again. And then I make it move. Upwards. And happiness usually returns.

Patrick Verheij

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