How agile do you need to be?

Door Patrick Verheij

That’s a question that I usually ask when coaching development teams and change leaders. It doesn’t require a specific answer. Instead, I am looking for a question in return:

What the heck do you mean?

Usually, people immediately start thinking in terms of time to market or frequency of delivery: “We need to get our products on the market sooner!” or “We wish to go to Production multiple times each day!”.

Sometimes I hear things along the line of “releasing twice a year is enough, so we don’t need to be much agile”. Then I just smile and get to work 🙂

How often do people around you talk about what agile really means to them instead of just following some method or working to attain a random goal?

Alistair Cockburn published something about the heart of agile. Did you know that? And do you recognize that heart in whatever you do in your agile journey?

When someone asks you how agile you need to be, perhaps you could look for that heart of agile. Can you recognize such cycles anywhere in your organization? And how much more do you care to invest in these cycles to make the warm heart in the center beat?

Do you recognize the heart of agile in yourself? How agile do you need to be?

Patrick Verheij

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