How to properly bash fake agile

Door Patrick Verheij

Don’t bash. Educate and be involved instead.

There. I said it. And I mean it.

Ask yourself if bashing anything brings anything any further. Ask yourself whether pointing out other people’s mistakes and blind spots WITHOUT being constructive creates positive change.

Sometimes it actually does. Sometimes people are able to look beyond the anger, mockery and cynicism which is hurled towards them. They choose to look at the facts, they learn and then they improve.

Which is of course at the heart of agile.

Quite a few organizations probably use the Scaled Agile Framework as an excuse to do everything the old way. Some organizations may actually have a whole department full of agile coaches who do little but create waste. Plenty of teams screw up their Scrum because they have no clue what the framework is all about. And lots of people call themselves “agile” for no apparent reason at all.

So what?

If you wish to contribute, be involved. That’s what the agile manifesto suggests: “uncover better ways by doing it and help others do it”.

Yes, I am guilty myself of rolling my eyes in disgust sometimes. But then I choose to step in and educate as best as I can. Always trying to also educate myself along the way, because I know that I certainly don’t always have the best answers.

Overcoming anger, mockery and cynicism requires a lot of courage, strength, perseverance and self-reflection. Not everyone has te required amounts of those to convert your bashing to motivation.

Stop bashing. Educate and be involved instead.

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