Why agile teams should get rid of their Scrum Master

Door Patrick Verheij

A Scrum Master is a person who truly masters Scrum. Or at least someone who takes Scrum very seriously by learning all about it on the job. Then mastery will arrive one sweet day :-)\r\n\r\nMastering Scrum means that you are actually able to use the Scrum Framework to establish excellent processes, and inspire a deep desire to learn by experimenting. Not just within a single team or even a bunch of teams, but within the entire organization.\r\n\r\nOf course you realize that a single Scrum Master *might* have a challenge doing all of that on her own. Impossible. So…we need more of ‘em!\r\n\r\nTrue Scrum Masters crave to create unique copies of themselves. They want other people to step up and improve the heck out of the ineffective organization around them. Demolish every single impediment, including the holy horses! Straighten out any bump on the road! To get rid of waste and backward attitude! They need other people who are actually able to live the values and principles from the Agile Manifesto!\r\n\r\nAnd when that happens. When all people within a team, department, or organization have adopted an agile mindset. That’s exactly when a Scrum Master becomes obsolete. Because then everybody masters the Scrum.\r\n\r\nOf course you discovered by now that, even though I mention “Scrum”, you could substitute that by “Evo”, “DSDM”, “Crystal”, “XP”, or any other of your favourite agile method or framework.\r\n\r\nSame for “Scrum Master”, which can be subsitituted by “Agile Coach” or “Agile Process Facilitator”, or any fancy role you wish.\r\n\r\nBut wait…\r\n\r\nSounds like utopia, doesn’t it? Beside that, agile isn’t for everyone. MY company will never be fully agile! So I will remain a Scrum Master forever on my team’s 25 square feet. That will work too! No need to scare myself beyond my comfort zone.\r\n\r\nNo.\r\n\r\nScrum, and all of the agile movement, is about creating a whole new kind of organization. The Scrum Master knows that. And if that’s not your piece of cake, then you’d better get your defences ready or even abandon ship 😉

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