Writing to the heart

Door Patrick Verheij

“The pen is mightier than the sword,” a phrase apparently coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 after many others did the same way before his time.

It sure is a mighty thing, that darn pen!

Today I once again managed to piss a complete stranger off by writing him a few well-intended words which, in retrospect, could indeed be interpreted as a foul act of verbal violence.

Even though my intentions were good, my words didn’t have the intended effect. Rather the opposite.

Of course I could defend myself by stating that a receiver is also responsible for his own interpretation and for asking questions when in doubt. I stand firmly behind such a defence. Nevertheless, this particular person never asked for my opinion, at least not directly. And then…his choices on if and how to repond are his own.

Personally I regret that I forgot to write to the heart. Instead, I wrote to the head. I inadvertedly expected that ratio would pick up my message.

Not so.

Any message strikes either the heart or the head. And it’s not up to the writer to decide where it will strike. Usually the receiver makes that choice.

That’s why I once again remind myself to always write to the heart. Now included.

Please forgive me if I ever forget. When you respond with a kind heart, my own heart will pick up the message and will kindly ask the head to make some room again.

Patrick Verheij

06 59 443 447

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