Your Daily Scrum doesn’t need to be 15 minutes

Door Patrick Verheij

15 minutes is a guideline with a reason. But you knew that already, didn’t you? You now laugh at the times that you used alarm clocks to cut everyone’s speaking time down to 1 minute tops.

You learned that the goal of a Daily Scrum is to plan the day. To align on where you are with respect to ambitions for this sprint. To also align on what everyone will do to ensure great outcome by the end of the Sprint. To not only see that burn-down chart go down, but also high-five on value created along the way.

You also realize that your Daily rarely lasts much less than 15 minutes. Aligning usually takes a bit of time. Sometimes you realize that you have been discussing important matters for about half an hour. That’s okay, because after a while some team member gets everyone back to the goal and you finish the Daily Scrum with a great plan for the day.

You also noticed that sometimes it is extremely worth your while to have more than one moment of team alignment during the day.

And what about these rare occasions that the entire team decides to sit down with a cup of tea and replan the entire sprint? You smile because you see the similarities such a session has with a Daily Scrum.

Who still mentions 15 minutes? We have come a long way with this thing called Scrum!

Patrick Verheij

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